Make a group for your new parcel

Choose Communicate > Groups or right-click on your avatar and choose My Groups.


Click the + button then choose New Group...


Enter the name of the group. The name must be at least four and less than 36 characters long. Every group name must be unique in Second Life; you won't be allowed to create a group that has the same name as an existing group.


Optionally, create a group insignia (image) by clicking on the image thumbnail and then choosing a texture from your inventory.


Optionally, write a brief description of the group.


To make the group open (anyone can join without an invitation) select Anyone can join. If you don't select this, then only those invited will be able to join.


If you want the group to have a cost to join, select Cost to join and choose a number of L$.


Select the group's maturity rating.


Click Create Group and confirm your choice when prompted.


After you create a group, one of the first things you will want to do is to set up roles and abilities.


Preferred Land Management