If your land contains adult content, as defined by the Second Life Maturity Ratings, it is your responsibility to restrict access only to those who are at least 18 years old.


To restrict parcel access:


Choose World > About Land. Alternatively, right-click the ground and choose About Land.

In the ABOUT LAND window, click the ACCESS tab.

Make sure Allow Public Access is checked.


To restrict access to those who are at least 18 years old, check Must be 18+.

To restrict access to those who have registered a payment method (such as a credit card or PayPal) with Linden Lab, check Must have payment info on file.



Allowing access for specific avatars


If you wish to allow only certain avatars on your land:


Right-click your parcel of land and choose About Land.

Click the ACCESS tab.

Select the Allow group [group name] with no restrictions checkbox to restrict access so only group members may enter. (Go to the General tab and click Set to select or change this group.)

Alternatively, click Add under the Always allowed field. The CHOOSE RESIDENT window appears.

Using the three tabs in the CHOOSE RESIDENT window, you may Search for specific Residents, add Friends (from your list) or add nearby Residents (using the Near Me tab).

For each Resident, you wish to add, highlight the Resident's name and click Select.

Freezing, banning and ejecting


Freezing, banning, and ejecting are tools landholders may use to deal with troublemakers on their property. To freeze, eject, or ban someone, you must either own the land or be a member of the group that owns the land and be authorized to Eject and freeze Residents on parcels and Manage parcel Ban lists.


Freezing someone


Right-click on the avatar and Ejecting someone Right-click on the avatar and select Eject.

You may also choose to save time with Eject & Ban, which does both at once. The avatar is ejected from your land onto an adjacent parcel.


Denying access to specific people (banning)


If the person is on your land, you may wish to follow the Eject procedure above using the Eject & Ban option. Otherwise, follow this procedure:


Right-click your parcel of land and choose About Land.

Click the ACCESS tab.

Click Add under the Always banned field.

Type in the name of the Resident you wish to ban and click Go.

Click on the Resident's name and click Select.

You may enter additional names or click Close.

A banned person cannot move onto or over your land (at less than 800m above the ground level) and sees a barrier of red lines, stretching upwards, that says "Access Denied." (Other Residents who are not allowed on land but not explicitly banned must be at least 50m above the ground.)


Tip: If you find ban lines unsightly, you can hide them by disabling World > Show > Ban Lines.




Blocking teleport access to your land


If you do not want to allow other Residents to enter your land by teleporting, you have several options for diverting or blocking such attempts.




Private Region owners


As the owner of a Private Region, you may set up a telehub to collect all incoming teleports to your region. For more information about setting up a telehub, see Telehubs and direct teleport. To block all teleport to your estate (consisting of one or more Private Regions), you can disallow public access:


Choose World > Region/Estate.

Click the Estate tab.

Choose the Allow only residents and groups listed below the radio button.

If you disallow public access, only the Residents on your Always allowed and Groups always allowed lists are allowed to teleport to your estate.


Land parcel owners


You may also control teleport access at the parcel level by changing your parcel's Teleport Routing settings:


Stand on your parcel and choose World > About Land.

Click the OPTIONS tab on the ABOUT LAND window.

Choose an option from the Teleport Routing dropdown menu:

o Blocked prevents any attempt to teleport to your parcel. Any Resident who tries to teleport onto your land is diverted to the nearest available parcel instead.


o Landing Point diverts any incoming Resident to a specified landing point on your parcel.




Hope this is helpful




Preferred Land Management